During the last 30,000 years the human species has been undergoing a 3rd level stage of the Earth Experiment video game, one that we could call the Atlantian program. This program was a necessary part of humanity’s evolution in 3D reality mechanics in order to understand how to operate and use a part of our spiritual anatomy called our Solar Plexus chakra. The Solar Plexus is the human beings 3rd dimensional energy receiver and it acts like a computer control center, to navigate oneself in the 3D reality program. Within the human lightbody connected to the Solar Plexus, are the personality program layers and their matrix of intelligence otherwise known as the ego consciousness. So this Atlantian program, a cycle intended for human evolution, was originally purposed to learn how this solar plexus control center works and how its level of intelligence could operate and be experienced. It was not intentioned, however, to be the only intelligence accessed, that over time disconnected the soul from the personality.

The ego intelligence or personality program of the human became completely obsessed with the 3D material world, by imposing its personal will to manifest its desire for physical result. As such, human consciousness has gone through many lifetimes attempting to master using the ego consciousness. Additionally, if that were not enough, forces that observed that humans were disconnected from their true spiritual identity for such a long period of time, decided to manipulate the humans for their own personal gain. They were so successful at manipulating humans away from owning their spiritual power, that they have been able to completely control the game for the last 30,000 years. These forces were able to harness the energy resources away from the humans, both the vital essence contained in their own energy bodies, as well as the planetary geological resources. This consistent drain of energy resource by these forces that remain unseen by the humans, systematically strip the species of its own power, potential and freedom.

Hence these controller forces, as they manipulated the human Ego consciousness in the 3D game became the Ruling Class, and their absolute power corrupted the system. The Atlantian polarity game evolved into a full Service-to-Self program, a draconian caste system with primarily a Royalty class and slaves. Their motivation is to manipulate life force to empower a privileged few at the expense and imprisonment of the greater whole. This corruption became like a virus and its infection spread and began to break down all the consciousness that was inside playing the Human Video Game. Since no one remembered they were actually inside the game, it started to become destructive for the soul program. The integrity of the whole game structure began to collapse as the continued use of destructive energy created reversed life codes and phantom energy spaces. Reversing life codes meant molecular compaction for the entire Human Video Game and at a certain point, this would lead to annihilation. Even though ALL returns to source at some point, it was not wished upon the human race to continue in this degree of suffering. Which would continue the degradation of the integrity of the human soul matrix, to possibly return as space dust rather than sentient units. At this time in the Human Video game the Ascension process became the necessity to retain the original divine blueprint for the Human Soul.

This is exactly why the Starseeds, Indigo Family, Light Family E.T.’s., Walk-In’s and the Ascended Masters are back to help us.

Any questions on that one, no okay then we can move along

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