I’m alone again

In other words I don’t have a partner. I had a partner a good partner but that’s over now. It’s kind of what I do I have a partner for a while and then I lose them for whatever reason doesn’t really matter what reason is what matters is that I’m alone again and I’m not good at being alone so I guess you could call me a serial monogamist I bounce from one relationship to the another. I’m kind of a hit-and-run King and I’ve been doing this my whole life even when I was a kid I pair up with somebody I did not like being alone something this time however is telling me to kick it by myself for a while just see what happens and I will until I go bat shit or you just throw me out because I won’t stop talking to you I never said it was easy to be me but my life’s not that bad I got a couple of good friends that mean the world to me a couple cats and food which is a lot more I can say for some people but you know what it’s not enough not enough for me it’s not enough for anyone we deserve more and that’s what we’re trying to do create a world of abundance love charity and no more fear what do we have to be afraid of it anyways not a goddamn thing maybe this time I’ll figure out why I hate being alone so much maybe I won’t it doesn’t really matter

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