Starseed Galactic Agreements

Starseed Galactic Agreements

This is a phase of great remembrance for the Starseed, as we are entering now the beginning of this Galactic consciousness cycle. Many more of us with off planet agreements are finally remembering who we are and why we incarnated on the earth at this time. This will rapidly grow and expand to include many more awakenings in this year.

The group of this Galactic Spiritual Hierarchy Externalized, either by walk-in or rapid ascension activation, has learned to embody polarity integration through the process of Alchemy that exists in this 3D system of darkness and light. This soul mission was not what seemed to be a personality chosen existence and has created much pain and confusion for the burgeoning consciousness of the Polarity Integrator Starseed.

This Galactic group of Starseeds and Indigo 3’s, have incarnated purposely with this task of embodying a template of polarity integration, by healing it through reconciliation with the pairs of opposites. This can only be made possible by the full embodiment of these intense polarity forces and related experiences, that often made many in this soul group feel a type of burden they were unable to express in words. They had to find the deepest level of compassionate force for themselves and the human race, to perform the Inner Alchemy required to transform and get past the pain. This is the process necessary to heal the race memory and energy template form of the human being so that it could move from a bi-wave energy. Being a polarity charged electro-magnetic form to the energetically complete level as a Trinitized Form. The Trinitized Form is a Tri-wave or Trion field form and is neutral, where without polarity charge the energetic Divine Union is created within form.

The 3D human energy template has been operating at a polarity charged wave level for eons of time. This is what drives and keeps humans operating in the Atlantian Program.

This understanding helps one to comprehend how challenging it would be for any human being to actually experience full Unity consciousness, while existing in a 3D form. Much of the human concept of unity is by and large an intellectual concept rather than experienced as an energetic reality. By merging the polarity forces while embodying in a human form, it has created an entirely new race energy field template of unity. Thus a huge opportunity is made for the entire human race to experience unity while in a physical form. This has been a huge piece of the lifetime soul mission work of the polarity integrator Starseed and which for some, is reaching phases close to completion.

This specific group has had the task of being the first wave of the Ascension to spiritualize physical matter into the Trinitized Form as a human energy template. This was purposed so that we could be the walking human embodiment of Unity consciousness. As bearers of the Eternal Life Current this would then sustain the Ascension-Resurrection codes for the human race blueprint.

Additionally when complete, this embodiment of the Trinitized Form begins a System Override of the old polarity 3D game programs that exist within the collective human race blueprint and cellular memory matrix. The beauty of this is that it is active purely at an energetic level of being, as it acts as an embedded re-encryption process to override the old matrix programming. And it is hard to be detected once it is active, as it is carried as a neutral charge, a zero point field. The source of its field of intent, a Trinitized Form, is not easy to lock down as its form carrier exists outside of the human hologram, outside of access by the controllers.

It is important to understand that the activated potential of the divine human energy field and DNA template is an extremely powerful spiritual technology. It is this embodiment of the Trinitized Form that overrides the energetic polarity system, both within the planetary and human hologram.

Those that are now remembering to embody this vibration, are being asked to step up and hold the New Energy reality space incognito and watch the old energy system around them self destruct. This is like being a covert operative, aware of the intentional field coming through your body, yet fully offering the life force of your being to flow in congruence to divine will.

The New Energy of Unity is a frequency of Truth Vibration as directed by Source energy. No words are needed to express, as this is strictly an embodiment of truth presence. This level of frequency can only be directed through a physical vehicle that has been largely freed, or purified of ego constraints and desires. Which has the capacity to remain largely as an impersonal observer of events. Generally the process of Inner Alchemy through polarity integration is what is necessary to purify the physical vehicle, to the extent that finally the healed unified energy template of the Trinitized Form can embody. The physical vehicle can now be utilized as a channel of Unified Source energy, and the template and its nervous system, are healed at a level where it is finally able to direct this frequency.

This is the dynamics of the System Override. We are overriding the polarity game and its system, through the embodied power of the Eternal Life Current, which is directed by the Source through the Trinitized Form.

The 3D reality polarity game programs have been operating in a false and Finite space-matrix, a space that we could call the reversed current replica of the Infinite Life Source. Reverse coded life current equals a finite space that ultimately results in death, while the Eternal Life coded current equals an Infinite space of Eternal Life.

As this has not been available to the human race for eons of time, we are truly at the beginning of an amazing demonstration of human Ascension. As shell shocked as many of our Galactic Family may feel at this time, we have reached a massive level of achievement for ourselves and our human family. As I have been the voice and advocate of the Polarity Integrator Starseed Family while on the Earth, I dedicate this to you with deep gratitude. Thank you for your soul mission and for your contribution and that about does it for me later kids I’m out

Starseed Mission

During the last 30,000 years the human species has been undergoing a 3rd level stage of the Earth Experiment video game, one that we could call the Atlantian program. This program was a necessary part of humanity’s evolution in 3D reality mechanics in order to understand how to operate and use a part of our spiritual anatomy called our Solar Plexus chakra. The Solar Plexus is the human beings 3rd dimensional energy receiver and it acts like a computer control center, to navigate oneself in the 3D reality program. Within the human lightbody connected to the Solar Plexus, are the personality program layers and their matrix of intelligence otherwise known as the ego consciousness. So this Atlantian program, a cycle intended for human evolution, was originally purposed to learn how this solar plexus control center works and how its level of intelligence could operate and be experienced. It was not intentioned, however, to be the only intelligence accessed, that over time disconnected the soul from the personality.

The ego intelligence or personality program of the human became completely obsessed with the 3D material world, by imposing its personal will to manifest its desire for physical result. As such, human consciousness has gone through many lifetimes attempting to master using the ego consciousness. Additionally, if that were not enough, forces that observed that humans were disconnected from their true spiritual identity for such a long period of time, decided to manipulate the humans for their own personal gain. They were so successful at manipulating humans away from owning their spiritual power, that they have been able to completely control the game for the last 30,000 years. These forces were able to harness the energy resources away from the humans, both the vital essence contained in their own energy bodies, as well as the planetary geological resources. This consistent drain of energy resource by these forces that remain unseen by the humans, systematically strip the species of its own power, potential and freedom.

Hence these controller forces, as they manipulated the human Ego consciousness in the 3D game became the Ruling Class, and their absolute power corrupted the system. The Atlantian polarity game evolved into a full Service-to-Self program, a draconian caste system with primarily a Royalty class and slaves. Their motivation is to manipulate life force to empower a privileged few at the expense and imprisonment of the greater whole. This corruption became like a virus and its infection spread and began to break down all the consciousness that was inside playing the Human Video Game. Since no one remembered they were actually inside the game, it started to become destructive for the soul program. The integrity of the whole game structure began to collapse as the continued use of destructive energy created reversed life codes and phantom energy spaces. Reversing life codes meant molecular compaction for the entire Human Video Game and at a certain point, this would lead to annihilation. Even though ALL returns to source at some point, it was not wished upon the human race to continue in this degree of suffering. Which would continue the degradation of the integrity of the human soul matrix, to possibly return as space dust rather than sentient units. At this time in the Human Video game the Ascension process became the necessity to retain the original divine blueprint for the Human Soul.

This is exactly why the Starseeds, Indigo Family, Light Family E.T.’s., Walk-In’s and the Ascended Masters are back to help us.

Any questions on that one, no okay then we can move along

Starseed Update

In case you were wondering what we’ve been up to the last few years. The Starseeds during this end evolution cycle that leads into the current Ascension timeline, many different variations of soul-spirit consciousness from a vast array of planets, galaxies and universes have joined the reincarnation cycle on 3D planet earth. Some are biologically organic future humans while others are not; yet, all have come in order to experience the shifting Consciousness fields on the 3D planet earth at this end cycle. These particular groups of soul-spirit beings that have incarnated in a 3D human body are referred to as Starseeds. Even though Starseeds hold more genetic memory from these future stations of identity, All is One and valued in its connection to the Eternal Source Creator. Starseeds have specific roles and a humanitarian spiritual mission based on the Law of One to help free the planetary soul from spiritual and energetic oppression enforced by the Negative Alien Agenda through the False Father God Religions. This is to elevate and change destructive timelines through genetic rehabilitation and erase negative alien Mind Control software programs. These software program “Religion” were put in place by the patriarchal dominate Negative Aliens in order to be worshipped as Gods and easily enforce the enslavement of the planetary population.

Starseeds entered this planetary consciousness body to experience reincarnation and activate their spiritual mission for a wide variety of reasons and interests. The primary goal was to re-establish the potential freedom from forced reincarnation through the restoration of the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One through the reclamation of the Christos body krystal template. In order to do so the Negative Alien Agenda of planetary domination, enslavement, hybridization and abduction would have to be eventually revealed to humanity. However, the extraterrestrial agenda and the history of extraterrestrial genetic influence in both every day human events and the many historical records have been extinguished in every way possible. Both benevolent and malevolent extraterrestrials have been involved with this planet for millions of years, and they have never left this planet. This was known on planet until the last 5,500 years, when most of this knowledge and its written history were destroyed in the the Galactic Wars. Only the reptilian bloodline manipulated humans were given this knowledge in secret to maintain their position for power and control. They are ultimately puppets for off planet Controllers that sold out the human race. History is re-written by the victor of war, and hence, the real extraterrestrial agenda is hidden while a false record of human history is put into its place.

Many Starseeds were aware of a Psycho-Spiritual Warfare between extraterrestrial races and came to this planet as embodied human intelligence portals to feed back to the overall group effort in its reconnaissance mission back to their home planet or Universe. However when most got here, they were subjected to the many Alien Implants, mind control systems, dark force infiltration and Victim-Victimizer software like all human beings. For those reasons many still remain asleep or subverted to the fact of their real spiritual mission and consciousness.

However, it has been generally understood that during the end cycle the Neutron Window is opening between this third dimensional planet earth which intersects with the Universal Transharmonic gateways. The Transgate timelines are that which allow these Starseeds to reconnect and return to their home frequency after this “tour of duty”.

For Starseeds, this lifetime is a recon mission that was required to gather the intel required to comprehend the levels of genetic damage, the source of planetary invasion, the identity of the main intruder races, and attempt to offer sovereignty and freedom to the souls which had been enslaved, abused and entrapped in repeated reincarnation cycles. One of the primary issues is the horrifying violation of the human soul from negative alien abduction, satanic ritual abuse SRA, soul body siphoning, sexual mutilation, cloning replicant bodies, and using living human bodies sperm and ovum to genetically farm human and E.T. hybrid bodies.

Many Starseeds have come to this planet to research, collect intel to source hybridization agendas and observe the alien abduction and contactee phenomena on planet. In most all cases the direct abduction or contact experience is required in order to collect the information and return it back through the Neutron Window to the Guardian Krystal Host races. The Krystal Star family is a Guardian race that has intervened with this planet to help heal and free the soul entrapment and bodily imprisonment the N.A.A. have extracted upon the human population of earth.

How Does A Person Know If They Are A Starseed??

Thank you for your question.

At one time we all gathered together. We each answered a call to serve the unprotected planets and help them in their ascension process, that each planet could be free and uninhibited, that they could have their own culture, their own government, their own religious beliefs and their own way of life.
Some of us answered this call, and chose to remain above these threatened planets, guarding them with technologies, sending telepathic messages to the inhabitants of the planets, and we were assigned to individuals on the planets as guides, and to protect those individuals we were assigned to.
Others chose the hardest task, to enter into an alien body and have a life on one of the planets, such as Earth. Those who chose this difficult task are termed Starseeds.
If you are a Starseed, as you read the words I am speaking, something occurs inside of you. A shift begins to take place inside of you, a knowing that is beyond physical words. You are a Starseed because you resonate with places outside of this planet. You are a Starseed because underneath all ordinary, mundane experiences, there is an urge to break free. There is a feeling that you have forgotten something, that there is a sleeping part of you that must fully wake up.
It is this inner feeling that lets you know whether or not you are a Starseed.
If you are a Starseed, you were given specific instructions before coming here. You spent months and months preparing for your entry into your alien body. You learned how to keep this body pure, how to help it to operate in it’s fullest capacity. You spent months learning about your specific planet you were assigned to, and you went to many council meetings on various planets studying and learning so that you would be fully capable of your task, because whether or not you remember what you learned before you came here, it is still in your subconscious.
There is something you are here for, some task you are meant to achieve. You are here for a purpose. You were sent.
If you are a Starseed, something is awakening within you as you read these words. Something inside of you is beginning to dawn on your conscious mind. It is the beginning of a memory, the memory will fully surface as you work to still your mind and go within, connecting to the deepest places within you, the subconscious parts of you that haven’t forgotten this knowledge.
You are awakening right now. You are coming to consciousness. Begin to repeat this to yourself over and over. Feel yourself begin to stir and awaken. Feel your chakras moving, feel them activating, feel them waking up and turning on. See your head lighting up with a white light. See the light flowing through you, all through your meridians, and see every chakra aligning perfectly, activated, turned on, spinning, releasing negativity, creating positivity.
Every part of you will awaken as you go within. It is very simple. If you are a Starseed these words resonate with you.
As this light moves through your meridians each chakra lights up and brings you into a higher vibration. You are now operating in a higher dimension. You are no longer in the 3rd dimension. As you continue to feel this vibration you will feel an area of your body. Focus on this area and the sensation will increase. This area that you are focusing on has a recently activated chakra inside of it, no matter the location. As we have said many times, there are more than seven chakras. Focus on the vibration allowing all old energies to release from this area, until you will see a crystal pure light filling the chakra that has activated. This chakra sends the light into your brain. Your brain is registering the activated chakra. As more chakras activate your brain is sent signals telling it to increase it’s capacity.
You find yourself as you continue this simple exercise on a regular basis more awakened in an area. You may be more cooperative, or more intelligent, physically stronger; you may react to those around you in ways you have never reacted before, or you may find yourself wanting to do something or experience something you never have before. This is the newly activated chakra sending it’s signal to your brain.
Starseeds come in already using 5 percent more of the usual amount of chakras, and when a Starseed becomes activated a shift occurs in their DNA which causes not only the activation of their chakras, the realignment of their chakras, but also for their psychic abilities to increase, their level of empathy to increase, as well as a feeling of being different. Many Starseeds become very alone during this transition, but they are simply becoming aware that they are not human, and that they are in a system which is corrupted.
Many people list traits of Starseeds, but there are so many different types of beings coming in at this time and their traits are often the same or very similar, so you must go with what you resonate with. What do you feel that you are?
You may also be a mixture of more than one thing. You may be a Starseed, but perhaps you are faery from a dimension on another planet and resonate with Starseed and Faerykin, or perhaps you are an angel who has incarnated into many extraterrestrial bodies and resonate with the angelic and extraterrestrial frequencies. There are also animals with human intelligence operating on other planets, and entering Earth in human bodies. You must go with whatever you resonate with. It is resonation that determines whether or not a person is a Starseed.

The forces of love are one with the Eternal God Spirit that resides within our Sacred Crystal Heart and are without exception, the strongest healing and harmonizing forces available on this planet.  When we open our crystal heart, we begin to work with spiritual powers which are sentient living forces in themselves, such as compassion, empathy, forgiveness and generosity towards others.  The crystal heart acts as the energetic gateway of our higher spiritual bodies and opens up all of the higher frequency centers that exist within the head and crown and beyond, into the morphogenetic layers where the blueprints reside. Those of us awakening our Sacred Crystal Heart on the earth, are birthing new configuration grids for crystalline lotus heart flowers on the inner vertical channels and within the planetary grid system. During this time more than ever, it is critical to preserve our sacred hearts.

Knowledge is power when it is applied appropriately in the practical application of personal development, and when it is used to cultivate positive change and inner spiritual transformation for that individual. When acquired knowledge is applied in the context of gaining direct experiential knowing, so that the wisdom of cellular knowing may emerge, knowledge then becomes representative of consciousness freedom. Nevertheless, the continual thirst to acquire knowledge can also become a perpetual mental body distraction through which we block our ability to be fully present in our experience of living and relating with others. Overreliance on the intellect and continually looking for answers in the external world while ignoring the whispers within our own Sacred Crystal Heart, distracts us from finding our innate wisdom, our inner truth.

During this time, it is of critical importance to explore and understand the workings of our Sacred Crystal Heart, our pure heart, which holds the feelings and language that communicates directly with the God Source and gives us the gift of experiencing unconditional love and peace.  When we recognize an energy signature around us and we can deeply feel and sense something with greater awareness, this is the sacred heart resonance at work. Sensing and feeling energies are the higher functions of the heart complex, and the way that the heart, as an organ of perception, should be functioning within all people.

Thus, the most important organ system and spiritual lightbody component for every person on the earth is their Sacred Crystal Heart complex, which functions to receive and transmit the omnidirectional forces of love, and through which the inner wisdom of cellular knowing arises. All of us have an inner compass that is our spiritual guidance system that is based in the forces of love flowing from within our heart complex. Our Sacred Crystal Heart will lead us to safety and it will make the best choice for us at any given time, if we can quiet the mind and indeed listen to it. The crisis humanity is facing is the crisis of consciousness that is generated from a lack of love and from closed down hearts, as well as a lack of self-awareness to know what deeply motivates our behaviors. Through the opening of our Sacred Crystal Heart, we also gain increased knowledge of health through sustaining energetic balance, which serves as the healing force we transmit to become the true agents of spiritual healing in this world.

The forces of love are one with the Eternal God Spirit that resides within our Sacred Crystal Heart and are without exception, the strongest healing and harmonizing forces available on this planet. By finding the true love that exists from within the self, the crystal heart complex is activated from within the lightbody which is further designed to attract and embody the highest qualities of soul-spiritual intelligence.

The earth body functions as the Sacred Crystal Heart complex for the entire Solar System, and thus it is more important now than ever for humanity to consciously work to open their hearts in order to elevate the entire planet, which even raises the consciousness in the worlds that exist beyond. During the ascension cycle, as humanity raises and expands collective race consciousness, the impacts ripple out to influence the neighboring worlds and other species. To open the crystal heart means to devote oneself to learn how to be Love, loving ourselves, loving others, loving the earth and her creatures. The soul groups that incarnate on the earth receive the planetary DNA imprint that holds unique heart configurations in their individual lightbody that are based upon the diamond sun template and contain the Cosmic Kristos heart principle. The physical DNA which has been modified through alien hybridization in the lower dimensions, through direct physical genetic manipulation, can be corrected. The heart complex can connect with the higher spiritual intelligence and override these distortions by spiritualizing the emotional body into a soul. This is true for all reptilian and mammalian DNA even when they represent diametrically opposing principles.  This potential remains dormant until the individual makes a choice to evolve towards being more awake and more loving, seeking a meaningful relationship with All-That-Is. The Cosmic Kristos heart principle is gender based and generates the inner and outer heart flame twinning, a male and female heart complex that unites in order to merge into Oneness. This can be achieved through the biological spiritual ascension process on the earth which naturally evolves into inner heart flame twinning between the gender principles, circulating and generating forces of omnidirectional love through hierogamic union.

During spiritual initiations that are occurring more rapidly during the shift, the most critical aspect of awakening is to learn how to open the crystal heart and to get comfortable with a widening range of emotional spectrums by resolving emotional conflicts. When we open our crystal heart, we begin to work with spiritual powers which are sentient living forces in themselves, such as the heart-based qualities of feeling and expressing compassion, empathy, forgiveness and generosity towards others.   

Heart-Brain Complex

The crystal heart acts as the energetic gateway of our higher spiritual bodies and opens up all of the higher frequency centers that exist within the head and crown and beyond, into the morphogenetic layers where the blueprints reside. When we begin to activate our crystal heart complex, we will start to recognize the intelligence characteristic of the heart-brain which functions as the thinking-feeling aspect of our consciousness, which begins to develop direct cellular knowing during our experiences. The developed heart-brain complex cultivates a range of higher senses, which allow for reading energy signatures and decoding intelligent information in the field by feeling it within the heart.

The heart-brain complex is an intelligence structure that can best be defined as the original, organic design and function of the collective human soul and monad matrix and its cellular memory interface with the planetary grid heart consciousness network. The entire planetary grid contains sentience and cellular memory, which is crystalline coded information that can be interpreted and felt in the awakened crystal heart. This heart-brain complex is a part of the planetary body’s nervous system and its nerve cells directly message into and through the individual human body sensors. The heart-brain complex is directed through energetic receivers and transmitters, through sensory and feeling levels of higher frequency consciousness. In effect the heart-brain function is a synthesis between sensory feeling and non-verbal intelligence, or cellular telepathy, which also directs the observer consciousness within the spiritual-energetic bodies.

This specific consciousness gateway is a feminine energetic principle, but its functions in the crystal heart network had been closed, damaged and blocked in the planetary body, therefore closing down the heart in the collective race consciousness during this last dark cycle. The original astral heart complex of earth is the fourth dimensional, green wave spectrum of light and connects directly into the higher brain of the planet, the planetary logos which is the ultraviolet spectrum of light. These areas of the earth brain were specifically targeted for implanting alien machinery, to install a false Christ consciousness network to block these specific crystal heart functions in the majority of humanity. In order to rebuild the crystal heart diamond network, the ley lines, dimensional bodies and their related structures have to be shifted to make way for the new heart-brain structure, and to run the spark of 144 harmonics throughout the energetic currents in order to activate the diamond grids. That is what is transpiring now, a demolition of blockages and artificial grid structures that hold distortions in the personality layers, clearing out damage and waste products generated by miasma that had blocked the 45-degree angle position of the diamond grids. The debris and contents are being broken down into smaller consciousness units that are re-assimilated or transmuted out from these damaged grid areas on the earth. The result is collapsing false timelines and dissolving chakra membranes which greatly deteriorate the functioning of the 3D personality matrix.

Thus, the female principle in the crystal heart’s thinking aspect holds much more spiritual intelligence and expanded awareness than in the lower astral plane and the three-dimensional levels that make up the ego’s personality matrix. Our strong instinctual desires and thoughts around needs and wants originate on the lower astral plane and are filled with fantasies and illusions. These thought substances develop into fixed patterns of belief systems that become locked down into the mental body, which influence our personality and habits that create our version of reality. Each individual’s thoughts and images that are formed by the ego mind, have mirrored reflections into the entire multidimensional collective consciousness layers that comprise the entire structure of human and planetary anatomy.  There are mirrored reflections made between the mental body thoughtforms that imprint themselves as patterns into the physical body and the spiritual body. These mental distortions block the higher dimensional aspects of the spiritual consciousness that would progressively embody in the natural cycle of biological ascension.